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Upcoming events:

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Things that we have done:

During Lock-down

During the pandemic, we didn’t have any meetings for a while however we did eventually start having weekly meetings. The very first online meeting we had was mostly us talking about what we actually wanted to do with these meetings plus a small quiz about VE day which has some very interesting facts.. We looked over badge work we could possible do while being stuck at home which may sound boring but a lot of the time we end up doing badge work and don’t realise! Another week we did an online escape room which was based off Harry Potter. Luckily you didn’t need to know the whole story.


Online Shelter Box

Normally Shelter Box happens outside in the real world but this year they ended up using Kahoot. It was a great family activity which has everybody searching for answers. It was mostly coordinates on a map that you had in hand on your phone. My family nearly killed each other during this but we eventually did complete it. The funniest part was when one of us would be confident in our answer just for it to be wrong. A lot of blame happened. It took around four hours to complete for us which was most likely due to the fact most of them haven’t dealt with maps in a long long time.

Technology Camp 20/10/2017 – 23/10/2017:

Day one:

When the scouts arrived on Friday we had no idea what was ahead of us, or in some senses, what our parents had got us into. As some of you may know, weekend storm Bryan was sweeping across the country so we were pleasantly surprised by the calm cold weather. We set up the remaining tents before 21:00 and then had tea  … Warm food. We ate Hot dogs and Hot Chocolate and then went to bed one quiet night.

Day two:

We woke up to a camp that felt allot smaller than it did in the darkness the night before. One of the leaders had got up extra early to make us a excellent breakfast of bacon and eggs. We then went to a pretty standard flag break. We then proceeded to do many things. Including Geocaching, signal emitter hunting, Kinect sensor game and Talking to scouts all over the world (JOTI).

You know how earlier I said we were surprised that the weather was nice and calm, It did not last. Around 12:00 we were called back to camp after the tents reportedly tried to ‘fly away’. We arrived back at the camp site with 3-4 leaders holding down the kitchen and occasionally a few more holding down the 8-man tent. At least we were prepared. We took down the kitchen and moved it inside to a better kitchen where we then rebuilt the kitchen,(have I mentioned the kitchen yet?). All the pegs on the other tents were replaced with better Rock Pegs and all guide lines were extended. This Took Two hours. Also in the middle of the chaos we quickly ate our lunch of jacket potatoes.

We then headed to our next and final station for the day that was soldering a speaker together. We then built LEGO cars to race until tea. On the subject of tea … that was the funniest tea ever. Not having a kitchen tent we set up tea in the activity barn and feasted on many delicious foods, including the best chicken I have ever tasted. The scouts then went to the upstairs to watch some movies (or in the case of the leaders play cards) We then returned to camp to get some sleep.

Day three:

That night was sleepless; the tents continued to try to fly and the scouts wondered whether they would wake up in the same field the next morning. But we all survived and only one tent was damaged. Unfortunately the group next to us, who laughed at us for reinforcing our camp, had most of their tents damaged (sucks to be them). We then packed our stuff, had breakfast and did some talking to some people in Blackpool over a radio (Why?). Our parents arrived to pick us up and the camp was over.

Fish Dinner (6/10/2017):

Now that is what I call a successful fundraiser. The Fish dinner, to raise money for the RNLI, was held on 6/10/2017 and we raised more than double our target of £100. All of the scouts brought their parents and siblings and the food was fantastic. The Raffle was questionable, as about two thirds of the draws were for people who weren’t there or for leaders and the quiz was less questionable. But apart from that, everything ran smoothly and raised £250.

Presentation Evening (29/9/2017):

Tonight was our annual presentation evening. This happens every year (seems to be a thing with annual stuff) and many awards were given out. If anything, this is the one night of the year where the leaders are given their time under the spotlight and the scouts, cubs and beavers can show what they have done in the past year. The awards, which were given out, were for scout, cub, and beaver of the year along with various awards for best leader in each section and dedication. At the end of the night we had cake, drink and a campfire and went home.

St Georges Parade (The First Saturday After Saint Georges Day 2017, I Think):

This year our group got chosen to do something very important, we got to be the colour guard! Not many scout groups will ever get to do this. Essentially this meant that 3 of our scouts guarded the flag and led the parade through Leyland. This was a massive moral boost to the scouts. If this ever happens again in my lifetime then I will eat my socks in a sandwich.